In terms of baked goods, many people like to eat  bread, but the   delicious   bread    actually   contains   many   chemical ingredients ,  such  as  azodimethamide ,  chemical   flavors,

dough  improvers ,  emulsifiers ,  etc.,  consumers   will  worry Whether these chemical additives will cause adverse effects on the human body, in fact, gum arabic can be added to the dough to improve the taste and stability of the baked bread, and increase the  water  retention  of  the bread ,  which  can extend the shelf life of the bread and  replace  part  of the fat.  It is  not an  additive. There is  no  dosage  limit for its  use.  In  addition,  gum   arabic   is  a  natural dietary  fiber,which also makes bread more healthy.

After adhesion, it has good workability  and can  be  used  as a glue for  children's  work.  It  can  be used  to adhere seasoning powder to the surface of the product on food. For example, the seasoning powder on the top of some brands of  potato  chips

is fixed with gum arabic as an adhesive.

The characteristic of gum arabic that dissolves in water makes it   very   suitable   for  throat   lozenges .   The   throat   lozenges made of gum arabic  are  slowly  dissolved  in  the  mouth  and release the medicinal effect and fragrance.

For soft candies, according to different ratios, they  can be combined with gelatin or pectin to achieve different tastes.

Foam Stabilizer

Gum Arabic is used in three-in-one coffee  brewing  packs to maintain the long-lasting milk foam. Gum Arabic can also be added to  beer to  prevent  the  foam  from  disappearing too quickly.

Adding gum arabic to wine products can absorb some of the ingredients that cause wine turbidity, so that the appearance of the wine is clearer and the appearance is better.