The printing industry  has used  gum  arabic  for  lithographic  printing a long time ago. The printing plate is divided into printed and non-printed parts. Arabian tape is weak  acid  and  because  it is  water-soluble,  it is used  as  a   fountain   solution   (Fountain Solution).  Is  one  of  the   raw materials, which can protect the rollers and the non-printed parts of the layout to prevent stains, and prolong  the wetting time of the layout. The addition of alcohol to the tank liquid has a great  adverse  effect  on the health of the workers. Will inhale a large amount  of  volatile  gases from solvents. Some  countries  have  banned   alcohol  in printed  tank  fluids. When  using  alcohol-free  tank  fluids ,  gum arabic  must  be  added  to enhance the function.

Gum arabic is also often used to retain the part  of  the  plate. The  good film-forming property protects the layout so that it  can  be  used  again

in  the  future.  It  can  be  hand-coated  and  retained  or  added  to  the punching machine, retention machine, etc., and the effect is stable.

Water-based paints such  as watercolors or  advertising paints  use gum arabic as the  toner binder,  and after   drying,  the toner  firmly adheres to the  paper, gum  arabic makes the pigments more  vivid and beautiful, and the dried  paint also has luster. Many watercolors The technique also uses gum arabic,  leaving  white  space,  slowing down the drying speed of the pigment and so on.